MØDE | 25. september 2023

Amagerværket BIO4 with Jesper Ravn form GPA

Thanks to the courtesy of Gotliebs Pauldan’s architect and lighting designer IALD Jesper Ravn, we will have a chance to experience the fantastic design of the building. We will focus on the illuminated facade that won The Daylight Award Prize  and was nominated for Den Danske Lyspris 2022  and finish our tour on the spectacular viewing platform. The tour will be assisted with Power Plant Manager – Jens Stein, who will explain the operation of the power plant and its importance to the city of Copenhagen.

Amagerværket’s new power station block and the master plan for the area’s future development both have the forest – a symbol of renewable resources – as a recurring architectural theme.Tree planting is a sustaining, character-creating element in the landscape processing. The power station block is enclosed by a deep façade, constructed of logs. HOFOR’s and the City of Copenhagen’s visions for a green energy supply are thus illustrated through a powerful and sensuous architecture, which in concrete pictures tells about the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.Block building is part of the technically justified geometries of the Power Station Peninsula, but brings with it a new architectural language. Citizens are invited to get close to the production processes – without compromising the necessary safety.The plant is an important element in the City of Copenhagen’s quest to become the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. Read more in this article.

Meet-up place: bottom of Himmeltrappen (at the beginning of the parking place at Vindmøllevej 48).

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Tid: 25. september 2023, kl. 18:45-20:00

Sted: bottom of Himmeltrappen (at the beginning of the parking place at Vindmøllevej 48), København

Sidste frist for tilmelding: 24. september 2023

Arrangør: Ungt Lys

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kr.150 kr.

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