Ungt LYS workshop på Frost Festival 2018 - Dansk Center for Lys

MØDE | 7. januar 2018

Ungt Lys: Spatial light installation of colors in Kabelhallerne – Aflyst


Once again, Ungt Lys has been invited to create a light installation in collaboration with Frost Festival – a music and light festival taking place every year in Copenhagen throughout February.
This project embraces all stages of the design process from idea development to production and the final exhibition.

In Kabelhallerne located at Refshaleøen, Ungt Lys has been given the opportunity to work with the transformation of a huge space in connection with an extensive two days music event at the end of February. Ungt Lys will design the total light installation for the “hangout” zone, where the festival guests will be able to settle down before and in between the concerts.

The overall concept for the light installation is based on “Miami Vice” inspired aesthetics. We will work with LED light tubes and colored filters to create different color zones dividing the space up into smaller visual spaces.
Based on this concept Ungt Lys will develop the final lighting design, produce the different elements for the light installation and finally participate in setup, testing and final settlement during the two festival days.

Time schedule:

7th January : (11.00 – 18.00)
Kabelhallerne, Refshalevej 325, 1432 København K
11.00 Visit at Kabelhallerne. (Wear warm clothes)
Light Laboratory at KADK, Fabrikmestervej 5, opg. F, 1432 København K
12.30 Lunch at the Light Laboratory at KADK
13.00 Idea development and detailing.
Defining the placement, colors and materials for the light installation.
(If possible, bring computer and sketching tools)

14th January: (10.00-17.00)
Light Laboratory at KADK, Fabrikmestervej 5, opg. F, 1432 København K
10.00 Design: Light modules dimensions,
final color palette selection and setup drawings.
12.00 Lunch
12.30 Continuing work
(If possible, bring computer and sketching tools)

Production Weekend:
27th and 28th January: (10.00-17.00)
We will work at The KADK Light Lab or in the Frost Festival basement at VEGA (Vesterbro).
10.00 Production and testing
12.00 Lunch
12.30 Production and testing

21st and 22nd February (11.00-20.00)
(possibly February 23rd – during the day)
Setup days

Concert days:
23rd and 24th February. (14:00 – 01:00)
2-3 people are needed to ensure the settlement of the light installation.
All participants will have the opportunity to attend the concerts either Friday or Saturday.

Deadline for registration: 31st December.
The number of seats is limited and will be given to the ones who register first.
Registration is binding and fee is non-refundable by cancellation later than the 8th January.

Please be aware that the hours displayed above in brackets can be subject to change.

It is important that you can participate in at least 5 of the 6 scheduled project days.   


Tilmeldingsfristen er udløbet.
Registration is closed.

Tid: 7. januar 2018, kl. 10:00-17:00

Sted: Kabelhallerne, Refshaleøen, København

Sidste frist for tilmelding: 31. december 2017

Arrangør: Ungt Lys

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