MØDE | 9 September 2021

Ungt Lys: Creative workshop about flicker

Come to a creative workshop on September 9th from 4pm-8pm at Aalborg University Copenhagen and learn about flicker!
We will learn more about why it happens, how to prevent it and why it matters. We will also be working together to make short videos that demonstrate the effect in creative ways! If you have old flickering lights at home you can bring them as well and test out the frequency. Maybe even find out what it sounds like when flicker is used as an instrument!

The workshop is hosted in collaboration with DTU Fotonik and will be presented by Anders Thorseth. The videos produced will be displayed at the conference Lysets Dag the 16th of September and will become part of an EU project that studies flicker and the issues that follow.

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Presenting a valid Corona pass is mandatory upon entering.

The workshop is free for members of Ungt Lys. Price for students who are not members: 150 DKK.
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Tid: 9 September 2021, kl. 16:11-20:00

Sted: AAU CPH, Frederikskaj 10, 2450 København SV

Sidste frist for tilmelding: 6 August 2021

Arrangør: Ungt Lys

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