MØDE | 20. november 2018

Election for the Ungt Lys board

It is time to call for an election for the Ungt Lys board.

As one board member is stepping off, we are in need of extra hands. Would you like to set the agenda for Ungt Lys activities, then join the board.

As part of the Ungt Lys board, you are involved in planning and completing Ungt Lys events in addition to being given the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field of lighting and your network of the industry.

It is expected that you, as a member of the board, will actively participate in monthly board meetings, take on assignments that are to be done from meeting to meeting, participate in Ungt Lys events and engage in Ungt Lys' future work. On Tuesday, November 20th, we would like to invite you for the board election. All members are welcome and all members can vote. If you are interested in being on the board then please write us at ul@centerforlys.dk or on our Facebook page.

Sign up below.

The event is free for Ungt Lys members.

Become a member of Ungt Lys
Price for membership of Ungt Lys is 350 kr. Read more about Ungt Lys and become a member.

Tid: 20. november 2018, kl. 17:30-19:00

Sted: Den Sorte Diamant , Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1016 København K

Sidste frist for tilmelding: 20. november 2018

Arrangør: Ungt Lys

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